Spa Itinerary : Four Moons Wellness Center – Encinitas, CA

Spa Itinerary : Four Moons Wellness Center – Encinitas, CA

775 N Vulcan Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024
Encinitas, CA (35 miles north of San Diego)
Four Moons Website 

Itinerary Overview – All Day :  Workout, Spa Treatment, Lunch, Beach
All Activity Price Range:  $185+
Yelp Rating (Spa): 4.5

What makes it SPAwesome:
1. Holistic Paradise
2. Unique Treatments like CBD Oil Massages & Facial Acupuncture
3. Interesting events and classes to try


If you’ve tried facials or massages and found the effects faded too quickly, maybe you should explore a deeper healing approach.

35 minutes north of San Diego, Four Moons Spa provides all the traditional spa services such as deeply relaxing massages and facials, but what makes the experience here unique are the spiritual, energy focused additions to the service menu. Step into individual bungalows imported from Bali with koi ponds for somatic work (therapy, energy, & meditative healing), color reading with a shaman, or a private astrology reading to reach a deeper understanding of yourself.

“Our intention was to create a high-vibrational, nurturing environment, that supports guests on their self-care and self-actualization journeys.” – Courtney Mars, Co-Founder of Four Moons via

We stopped by the spa to take a look around the gorgeous property and thought up a few ideas for you to make the most of your experience here…

Here’s what we suggest:



9:30am: Vinyasa Flow at Four Moons. Check online for a full yoga class schedule and membership information. Often times, getting into a meditative practice is all about finding the right instructor and environment.

*Pro Tip : Check the full calendar of events to sign up for fun experiences like a Belly Dancing on the Beach Class, Astro Chat Healing Sessions, or Doumbek Drumming circle! They have a full calendar of unique events so have fun and dive in!


11:00am: I’m admittedly not well versed in holistic services and eastern wellness practices so I was intimidated by the unique holistic service menu at first. Luckily, the entire staff is incredibly helpful and welcoming. One of the homeopathic doctors told me that the most popular service is the CBD Oil massage. I’d actually been hearing buzz about CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety, suppress muscle spasms, all while delivering a calming and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin. Can’t wait to try it, tell us what you think @luckyowlwellness

Thrival CBD Massage” (60 min, $130).

Read more: Benefits for CBD oil , POPsugar benefits of CBD Massage

You can also inquire for their expert practitioners to incorporate crystals, facial acupuncture, or sage burning in your service to shift the energy. They even have a medical medium on staff who specializes in “healing the root cause of disease, disorders, emotional blocks, and injuries”-spa menu. Consult with one of the Moon experts during your visit to customize your treatment based on your lifestyle and spiritual needs to restore both body and mind.


12:30pm : Moto deli (Avg $9). An easy 5 minute walk away awaits a delicatessen called Motodeli. Pick up one of their great bites with spicy pickles on the side.


Option 1: Beacon’s Beach – This stretch of beach is not as nice for laying out as it’s a little small and gravely. It is, however, a popular spot for surfers and it is so important to have lunch with a great view 😉

Option 2: Moonlight Beach – This is a great spot for families or groups of friends. About 1.5 miles from Four Moons Spa, it’s a quick drive to a gorgeous stretch of beach.


We want to hear how your spa day went! Connect with us to share your spa-ventures!


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