Spa Itinerary : Omni La Costa Resort – Carlsbad, CA


Itinerary Overview – Full Day: Hike, Lunch, Spa, Dinner
All Day Activity Price Range:  $250 – $450+
Trip Advisor Rating (Spa): 4.5 Stars

What makes it SPAwesome:
1. “Staycation” spot for Southern California Residents
2. Awarded #1 wellness spa
3. Great for Girls Spa Day, Corporate Groups and Co-Ed hangouts


Omni La Costa Resort is one of the top “staycation” spots for my family and I. The resort has all the amenities we need if we want to stay in, but is close to the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Balboa Park, Downtown San Diego, and the beach if we want an adventure.

If you live in San Diego, the spa is located in North County. If you’re in Orange County, it’s just an hour south and if you’re in LA it’s just shy of two hours south, barring any traffic. This Mediterranean style oasis has something for everyone. Championship golf courses, a beautiful spa and pool slides for kids.

You don’t have to stay the night, a day trip will be enough to feel like you’re on vacation.

Here’s what we did:


Optional Start to the day: Torrey Pines Nature reserve is about 20 min south of La Costa. You can hike or just walk free along side views of the ocean.


9am – Drive to La Costa – Leave Irvine (waited until after traffic died down)

10am – Arrive at La Costa (park in self parking, but Valet is free)

10:15am – Check into Spa building and hang out in the co-ed spa pool area. Lounge, read by the pool and massage your shoulders under the roman showers.

11:30am – Eat! Relax, stay in your robe because the spa café is right next to the pool. I dream about the refreshing Crab and Papaya salad with bibb lettuce, hass avocado, papaya, and chili-mango vinaigrette ($18.75). I’ve also ordered the Grilled Chicken Lettuce Tacos with peanut-cilantro ginger dipping sauce, carrots, cucumber, & sprouts ($16.50) and the Citrus-Soy Steak Salad is a must try with glass noodles, snow peas, bamboo shoots ($18.25). The menu is light and healthy so I feel fueled but still totally fabulous in my swimsuit lounging all day.

12:30pmPool | Sauna | Steam Room | Jacuzzi | Roman Showers – get back to chilling by the pool and let your food settle and then hit all the amenities including walking barefoot on So Cal’s only reflexology pathway.

3:30pm – Facial Treatment time! I like to book my treatments in the afternoon after I eat so I give my food can settle. As a fast paced business owner and mom, it takes my therapist some time to get me to fully relax. I’d normally go straight for a massage but La Costa has some fiercely loyal aestheticians that have worked there for 10 – 20+ years with an amazing touch. The facials are set apart from other spas with little details like a warm neck wrap facial massaging . Ask about the Kypris Beauty Facial (80 min, $250)

*Pro Tip: Steam & Sauna BEFORE a facial. You don’t want to re-open pores and sweat off high quality product. Also, take off your makeup before entering the service so your therapist doesn’t take up valuable service time to do so.

5:00pm: It may sound indulgent but once you start opting for the 80-90min service, you’ll never wanna go back to 60 min treatments. It’s worth the splurge. Go ahead! You deserve it. The spa also offers incredible body services if that’s more your style ($175 – $300). After your treatment, sit in the relaxation lounge and have a cup of tea and some little snacks.

5:30pm – At this point, muscles are relaxed, skin is glowing, you’ve let your worries fade away, but hunger is setting in again. Not to panic, you have some choices for dinner. You can shower and get glam with all the amenities at the spa.

Pro-Tip – Connect with Omni La Costa Carlsbad on Facebook for monthly specials


Option 1: Bob’s Steak & Chop House (on property): Prime steaks and big pours. All entrees are served with a glazed carrot that’s apparently, according to my 19 year old, “to die for”.

Option 2: Sonny’s Pizza, San Clemente (about halfway home to Irvine): I’ve been going to Sonny’s pizza for close to 20 years (but if anyone asks, my age is definitely probably certainly could be under 39). If you like super thin crust pizza that is crispy on the edges and chewy on the inside, ask for Sonny’s Roman Orgy. It’s got everything on it! I like to stick to pizza but the antipasto salad is pretty darn garlicky good. (yes, I know this part isn’t healthy but it’s my splurge for the day).


Then I get home and make a conscious decision to not open my computer, listen to voicemails, or scroll social media. After a mental, physical, and technological cleanse – there’s no deeper sleep.

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